My Education Platform


I've voted no on raising tuition six times throughout my first term as Regent. Why? Because keeping tuition affordable isn't an option - it's essential.  I believe that keeping tuition low is the best way to make sure we continue to draw in great students from all around the world.


I believe that we need to open the doors of opportunity that education provides to more of Michigan's students through fair admissions and recruitment policies. Fighting to increase access to education has been a hallmark of my time on the board. hat includes working to decrease student debt, which cripples our recent graduates.


One of my top priorities is to ensure that every student has an exciting, world-class education, and a holistic experience on campus. Maintaining high standards that the University holds itself to today and continuing to produce the Leaders and Best is integral to our continued success as a university.

Review by Yousuf Ali at The Michigan Journal (a clip)

"Understandably many Americans, especially college students, are disillusioned when it comes to politics. The presidential campaign has basically been a giant circus with two unpopular presidential candidates on the top of the ticket. Therefore, many people of our age group plan simply not to vote on election day. Although I empathize with those who don’t want to vote in the presidential election, that is no reason to completely abstain from voting. This is because there is far more on the ballot that matters besides the presidential election. These range from state-wide elections to who runs the school board. In the case of students at the University of Michigan, they should be paying particular attentions to the election for the Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents make major decisions that affect all three of the University of Michigan campuses: Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn. Amongst the many matters decided by the board are the tuition rates, approval of professorial appointments, librarians and the appointment of administrators. Needless to say, the decisions that they make have profound impact on the lives of students.

  • Regent Denise Ilitch (D): Out of all the candidates, she is my favorite. As a regent, she has consistently opposed raising the already exorbitant tuition rates that University of Michigan students have to pay every semester. Rather, she believes that more of the costs should be paid for by the state of Michigan and the university should look for alternative sources of funding. Furthermore, she voiced support for non-voting representation of students or faculty in a recent candidates forum. As the decisions by the University administration seem to make less and less sense to students and faculty, it is essential that their voices be heard during the decision making process that affects their lives the most. Given her views and track record, I highly recommend that voters return Denise Ilitch to the Board of Regents."